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Tagged by :icone-n-o-c-h: who requested my OC, Danja!

1: Post these rules.
2: Post 8 facts about your character.
3: Tag other 8 characters.
4: Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

OC: This gurl
Danja by Samurai-Sky

1. Danja is one of the 6 main protags of my story, "Elements of Earth". Her role in the team is basically the smartie/IT person. She supports the group through tactics & knowledge of stuff kids don't know. Most people see her as mysterious, always smiling in any situation but Sheila can tell when she's bullshitting things, as there's a side of her who likes to be mischievous to others.

2. Danja is half american half german, her father being the german, hence her name! It's pronounced Dah-nya. Danja can speak fluent German thanks to her father so she sometimes communicates with them in German(which will be difficult on my end cause WOW I CAN'T GERMAN)

3. She has powers based on absorption/darkness, in which she can suck up sources of information/energy. Because of this she can absorb information and know a lot more than most people would know, and can even "borrow"  superpower users' powers for one usage worth of amount. The downside is she can't take in too much at once or it will damage her own body. Has to take in with short bursts, and let her body "digest" it before using the power again.

4. Other than absorption, Danja also has abilities to control shadows which she can use to bind people with(though it's not very strong as it's only shadow) and also travel through shadows in the shadow plane(like shadows has its own plane?? Dimension?? thingy)

5. Danja has talents that aren't thanks to her powers which is running. Danja naturally is a fast runner, and she's quite good on track/running related sports. This gives her the advantage in battle as well, since she's not exactly the offense type in the group, but more of a support. So she can avoid battles by running the fuck away lol.

6. Her closest friend is Sheila, then Zach. Sheila she met before they coincidentally ended up in the same class when school year started. Zach was also in their class, so the three got along together before the events in the comic. The other members she meets in the events of the story, who she warms up to as time goes by.

7. Danja's got a mother and father. Her mother teaches physics at a university, her father is a scientist who deals with chemistry. So her family is very SCIENCE or something. Danja learned a lot from the both of them, and due to her powers being there since her birth, she's gotten a LOT of knowledge no regular middle schooler should know...
8. Despite the smarts, Danja is bad at a lot of things; She is terrible with playing any music/singing, her cookings become abominations and terrible in social situations where she creeps out most people by stating scientific facts which are fascinating but said in bad timing. She's nice! Just really bad at being social!

Tagging 8 OCs but ya don't have to if ya dun wanna!
1. :icondevonition: Grant ossan pls
2.:iconrockafiller: Voon-ojiichan tell us ur stories
3.:icontwendigo: Tell me about the perv-Imean Eden-san
4.:icon0tacoon: If it's ok, Stranger-ojisan!
5. :iconbiteghost: I'm curious about Antonio-san
6. :iconmagistelle: Mammon-aniki, I wanna kno more...
7.:iconcalanii: Can I hear stuff about Perry-aneki?
8.:iconikethewarrior: So what's up with Simon-kun?



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I draw a lot of battle comics with fighting spirit or something.



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